TV & Video

The Toronto Star
I reported on Beijing’s education crisis by co-shooting and co-producing these web videos for the Star’s special project, Expelled by Beijing. Click on the link to view.

CBC Newfoundland and Labrador
I worked as a television reporter for the CBC’s supper hour newscast, Here and Now, covering the ins and outs of the province. Check out my packages for daily news below.

The Largest Deposit
I spent five years creating documentary about how Fort Chipewyan, a small community in northern Alberta lost their traditional lifestyles because of the Alberta oil sands. I co-wrote, shot, directed, and produced the entire project. My film was released and screened at a festival at Roundhouse Community Arts Centre on Sept. 1, 2015.

For the full 22-minute film, click here or visit

Good Morning Mama
Screened at the DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2012 

During my participation in DOXA’s Kris Anderson Connexions Program, I was asked to make a short film on the theme of the “glass ceiling.” I then took home the camera and made a film about my immigrant mother. Good Morning Mama is an account of my mother’s experiences, what it means for her to resettle and wake-up every day in Canada, a place she also calls home.