“We Stand With the Philippines” Action Recaps

Cross-posted with the Canadian Youth Delegation’s blog here

The outcome from Doha is not looking good; in fact, the situation looks dire. Countries are being bullied into a suicide pact, as no action will be taken until 2020. The working groups on Long-term Cooperative Action and Kyoto Protocol are closing. This inaction is unacceptable.

We, as youth, as civil society,  stand in solidarity with countries most vulnerable to climate change. We support them in blocking a terrible outcome. On the 3rd of December a category 5 typhoon—Bopha—hit the Philippines. The Philippines negotiator said, “instead of going home and preparing for Christmas, we will be counting our dead.” This is one of many examples of how climate change are impacting countries at a devastating scale.

Today, youth from all over the world stood with the Delegation of the Philippines, sending them the message that we stand with them through staging an action of solidarity. Here are some recaps of the day:

Members of the Philippines Delegation held a meeting and dialogue with civil society to discuss building a stronger voice for better outcomes.

Our action coordinator, Karen Rooney discusses the solidarity action with delegates.

We stand strong with the Philippines and other nations most vulnerable to climate change.

Minister of the Philippines raises her concerns for COP 18 and speaks about the need for a stronger united civil society.

Youth from around the world participate in the solidarity action.

We reinforced our message through song. We ain’t going to let nobody turn us around. Our singing voices echoed through the halls. 

Dear Delegation of the Philippines, we stand with you.

CYD member, Neelam Khare being interviewed by a reporter.

Nadia Kanji captures the voice of Naderev Sano, Vice-Minister of the Philippines.

Kira Lamont emphasizes on the necessity of showing solidarity in an interview.

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